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Global Sustainability Science

Past, Present and Future: Energy Supply on Mars in 2060

Giulia Caprese (Annaflavia Tarullo) and three energy specialists discuss the energy supply on Mars on their way to Mars in 2060. Three guests, Bob Rosenburg (one of the first 20 astronauts/scientists landing on Mars), Rosalie Clarenbeek (nuclear energy scientist working on Mars) and Mohammad Wong (PhD researcher on the potential of geothermal energy on Mars), will share their experience and views on the energy supply and the transitions in different stages of the development of city on Mars. The reason for energy switches and the subsequent challenges will be discussed in this episode.

24 minutes


Monitor Annaflavia Tarullo 

Guests Boris Weevers, Mathilde Smaling, Eulan Boston-Mammah

Producers Monty Schebesta, Xiao Yang




Wellbeing on Mars

We believe that in order to create a functioning and sustainable society on Mars, human wellbeing is essential. In our podcast we cover six dimensions of wellbeing such as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental wellbeing. We discuss some very interesting and exciting ideas concerning food production, fashion, relationships, religion, jobs, the perception of the Martian environment and much more. You should definitely listen to our podcast if you want to discover unusual and creative possibilities of building a healthy and prospering society on the Red planet. 

25 minutes


Agnese Salazzari
Barbora Kvasnickova
Kristina Kotova
Laurens Pardede
Lotta Jüchtern
Naomi Jankee
Silvia Seixas Lopes



Meeting Basic Needs on Mars

Currently, future space trips are only reserved for the super-rich and mostly purely for pleasure, but what if the technology used for this could be used as a solution for humanity in a worst-case scenario. Therefore what if for some reason we were able to colonize Mars due to these spacecraft technologies? Our podcast is centred around the idea: ‘What if humans colonized Mars?’. In the podcast, Claire interviews four experts in different fields regarding living on mars: establishing an atmosphere, a food-production system, shelter and living spaces, and preparing for socio-economic challenges that may arise. 

1 hour, 4 minutes


Claire Hermsen
Juliette Brèche
Leon Auty
Lis Reichelt

Nivedita Bansal
Sarah Steuber



A New Governance System on Mars

Join a conversation led by three students, right before the first humans step on Mars, on what the new governance system should look like on the red planet. They introduce the concept of citizen participation as the potential of becoming the primary means of governance and with it the opportunities it holds. Nevertheless, they also take a critical lense on the pitfalls and challenges this new system entails, such as how do they ensure everyone is included in the process, and all voices are heard? How could the inhabitants of Mars benefit from citizen participation, and could planet Earth also learn from it? Listen to this podcast to gain insights into all these questions. 

18 minutes


Cléo Dorel-Watson
Erik Verhagen
Luke Krüger
Maya Herren
Paula Martín Aguayo



Podcast for Podlife-Education

In this episode you are going to discover how the education system works in the new colony on Mars. The host will guide you through the halls on an auditory tour explaining what differences and similarities there are to education on Earth. Come learn about the Mars alternative education system and what this spectacular community has to offer. In this episode, you will get interviews from the principal, as well as teachers and students. The episode will be the answer to your pressing question: what is it like to study on Mars?

44 minutes


Camille Velten
Jesse van Leeuwen
Jia Qi Hu
Lisa Di Giulio
Renske de Boer
Sara Matthée
Vera van der Kraan