Geo Honours City of the Future

Earth Sciences

Nutrients and Building Materials on Mars

Before you can start to build a city on Mars, you would first need to consider what the optimal location for a Martian city would be. Mars is vastly different from Earth and thus presents us with different challenges to overcome. In this podcast we discuss a variety of Earth Science perspectives, which may influence where on the planet we would want to settle. We talk about the general differences between Mars and the Earth that should be considered, and zoom in our focus to building materials, water, and food supply. Knowing more about building materials, water and food on Mars, contextualises the decision for a location to build our Martian city.

26 minutes


Annemarie de Putter
Ellen van Balderen
Esmee van Amelsfort
Isabel Rump
Lobke Harmsma
Maaike Breedveld
Nikki Vaessens
Thomas Lekkerkerk
Thomas Sanders