Geo Honours City of the Future

Podcast series

The Geo Honours City of the Future podcast series is a collective effort of the Geosciences Honours College students from the first and second academic period in the year 2021/2022. Students from four Bachelor programs participate in this project: Earth Sciences (ES), Global Sustainability Science (GSS), Human Geography & Spatial Planning (HGSP) and Nature Science & Innovation Management (NSIM).

The students envision an urban landscape on the Martian surface and dissiminate their ideas in the form of a podcast and a poster.

The podcast series consists of two parts. The first recording contains a discussion of the disciplinary aspect of an ideal city. The students work within their own discipline for these episodes. There are 10 groups in total: one from ES and NSIM, five from GSS and three from HGSP. The second recording gives insight in the design process and layout of the given city. Six cities are planned and envisioned for these episodes within new interdisciplinary groups.